National Mission for Clean Ganga approves projects

The National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) has approved sewage treatment projects worth Rs 19 billion for Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Delhi. In Uttar Pradesh, it has approved a comprehensive sewerage project for interception, diversion and treatment of sewage in the sewerage zones of Naini, Phaphamau and Jhunsi in Allahabad. The Rs 7.68 billion project will involve development of a 42 mld sewage treatment plant (STP) at Naini and eight sewage pumping stations. In Biharm, three projects have been approved for the Pahari sewage zone in Patna. The scope of works will include construction of a 60 mld STP and laying of sewerage lines at an estimated cost of about Rs 7.44 billion. Meanwhile, in Delhi, NMCG has approved construction of seven prioritised STPs in the Najafgarh area at an estimated cost of Rs 3.45 billion. Together, these plants will be equipped to treat 94 mld of sewage. The plants will be located at Tajpur Khurd (36 mld), Jaffarpur Kalan (12 mld), Khera Dabar (5 mld), Hasanpur (12 mld), Kakraula (12 mld), Kair (5 mld), and Tikri Kalan (12 mld).