Water 24X7: Ensuring continuous supply in Vadodara

Ensuring continuous supply in Vadodara

The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) is implementing a 24×7 water supply project in Gujarat’s Vadodara city under the Smart Cities Mission (SCM) of the central government. It is being executed by Vadodara Smart City Development Limited (VSCDL) to improve the water supply situation in the city. VMC has identified the land area for implementation of the project. It is being executed in the Sayaji Baag, Vadi-wadi and Akota areas of the city. The project, as per the smart city proposal, is estimated to cost Rs 600 million and is being carried out on build-operate basis.

Water supply project

The 24×7 water supply project aims to ensure that the households of Vadodara will have provision for water distribution and will be charged only for as much water as has been consumed by individual households, monitored by smart meters. The setting up of various water tanks, overhead water tanks (OHTs), a sump, pumping station and related equipment will be included as a part of the project.

The water distribution network is divided into various zones with each zone demarcated as a district metering area (DMA). Each DMA will be provided with a smart metering system with online monitoring of the water flow. Based on the data, leakage areas will be identified and corrective action will be taken. Currently, there are three OHTs in the project area supplying water with the help of an old distribution system. Under the SCM, it is being considered to replace the contaminated distribution network pipeline as well as construct a new OHT, if required.

The scope of work includes the development of a 24×7 water supply system including refurbishment of the existing as well as new distribution network, and designing and construction of three elevated storage reservoirs (ESRs) and ground storage reservoirs (GSRs). The scope also includes all works of civil, electromechanical, instrumentation, deployment of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, household connections, consumer water meter fittings and other associated works, along with comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) for a period of 10 years. The work is being executed on a build-operate basis from conception to commissioning stages of services. However, only the construction of ESRs and GSRs and designing works are in the scope of the contractor.

Of the total project cost of Rs 600 million, the O&M cost will be of Rs 235 million. The project is slated for completion in the first half of 2019-20.

Smart water meters

In order to increase the city’s water management efficiency, 30,000 smart water meters will be installed in households. The project, estimated to cost Rs 400 million, including O&M cost of Rs 34 million, is also expected to be completed in the first half of 2019-20. Smart water metering is an intelligent way of monitoring water distribution and reducing water losses. It is expected to be a robust and resilient system for the future, with streamlined O&M systems.

Water ATMs

Apart from the 24×7 water supply project, water automated teller machines (ATMs) are also proposed to be set up in Vadodara under the SCM. These units present an interesting alternative to  the stand-posts or tube wells. The project costs about Rs 60 million, including O&M cost of Rs 0.32 million. The city of Vadodara got its first water ATM in 2016.

In sum

The main objective of the 24×7 water supply project and smart metering is to control water usage and reduce non-revenue water losses. The project will ensure increased service level, conserve potable water and minimise leakage in the water distribution system. In addition to the water supply project, water ATMs will ensure easy availability of drinking water to people on the move.