Enabling Digitalisation: SAP-based solutions for CGD companies

SAP-based solutions for CGD companies

Innovative technology solutions are transforming the way city gas distribution (CGD) companies do business. In light of this trend, digitalisation is emerging as a niche area, which is witnessing an increasing number of innovative solutions that hold potential for benefiting CGD companies in the times ahead. SAP is one such solution and it holds immense promise for Indian CGD entities that are expanding their presence across the country.

Powered by SAP

Simply put, digitalisation is storage of data, pictures, texts, sound, etc. in a digital format that can be processed by a computer. Large businesses implement this as it is time and cost effective for them to analyse the digitalised data and take appropriate decisions.

A SAP-enabled solution is a combination of intelligent technologies for end-to-end automation. The solution platform has three stages, dedicated to interaction, execution and optimisation. The interaction stage comprises conversational artificial intelligence. The second stage (pertaining to execution) consists of intelligent robotic process automation, which carries out processes across multiple systems, cloud-based solutions and software products. For the optimisation stage, data intelligence (including machine learning) is deployed. Herein, self-learning bots with high level of adaptability enable systemic learning.

For the core process of a CGD entity, the solution focuses on customer centricity. This comprises revenue management, safe operations, metering, billing, collection, customer service and consumer self-service. The SAP platform integrates these operations and makes use of it to provide end-to-end intelligent solutions. The cloud enables seamless interaction with third-party systems.

Strong case for adoption

SAP-enabled systems are deployed worldwide with a high degree of success. In the CGD sector, the adoption of SAP-enabled digitalisation solutions aids companies in achieving operational excellence and significantly enhances the productivity of assets and networks. It also ensures the safety of operations and facilitates cost optimisation in the long run. The end-to-end solutions maximise bill collection with greater accuracy and efficiency. Another key advantage is that through its adoption, a CGD company can aim for better customer engagement that overall improves consumer satisfaction with the service.

Key players

In India, SAP-enabled digitalisation solutions have been adopted by players such as Mahanagar Gas Limited, Indraprastha Gas Limited, Gujarat Gas Limited, GAIL Gas Limited, GAIL (India) Limited, Sabarmati Gas Limited, Indian Oil-Adani Gas Private Limited and Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited. Recent additions have been Think Gas Limited and AG&P.

In sum

SAP-enabled solutions hold promise for CGD businesses that are looking to expand their footprint. The platform aids in data-driven decision-making, and helps in predicting events/outcomes, which have now become key competence tools in a fierce market such as India’s CGD sector.