Enhancing User Experience: Mobile apps and initiatives by CGD players

Mobile apps and initiatives by CGD players

With their customer base expanding, city gas distribution (CGD) companies are increasingly focusing on enhancing the customer experience. Large CGD players such as Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), Adani Gas Limited (AGL), Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL) and Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL) have launched mobile applications to offer a slew of services to their customers. These services range from online bill payments, complaints and feedback to uploading meter readings.

IGL Connect

In order to improve customer interface and provide a two-way communication channel, IGL has launched a mobile application called IGL Connect. The application can be downloaded both from Android- and iOS-based phones. It offers several features for both piped natural gas (PNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) users. For instance, it enables customers to access their accounts at anytime and from anywhere. Another key feature is the online bill payment facility for PNG customers. Customers can also view their billing and payment history. To report a discrepancy, the application provides the option of lodging complaints with an additional provision of viewing the complaint status. Consumers can also give feedback, update their mobile numbers and submit their meter readings.

AGL mobile application

AGL has launched a mobile application called Adani Gas for improved customer engagement. The application can be downloaded on an Android-based phone through the Google Play store. This application provides a hassle-free experience to customers as it provides direct access to its features along with an emergency call number on its landing page. Users can either log in to their accounts to perform an activity or view the demo of the application prior to its usage.

The key features of the application include:

  • Instant payment through a quick bill pay option. This allows consumers to pay their bills after entering a valid customer identification number.
  • Users can view the billing history of their last five bills and payments. It also provides the option of downloading the bill copy and account statement for future reference.
  • Another unique feature is that the application analyses bills on a yearly basis.
  • Customers can raise service requests and track the status of the request on a real-time basis.
  • For consumers seeking a new PNG connection, requests can be made for different types of connections based on the usage (domestic, commercial and industrial).
  • The application provides information such as a list of PNG stations and their location. This can be accessed through the “Locate Us” option. Based on selection (type/city), users can further filter data. The locations can be viewed with the help of digital maps. Data can also be filtered category-wise for domestic, commercial and industrial consumers.
  • Users can submit their meter readings in a particular time interval, which eliminates the need for manual readings by AGL staff.
  • In case of a grievance, customers can register their complaints. The app generates a complaint number, which can be used for tracking the status of the complaint.
  • The application has a “call us” feature, which directly connects to the customer care executive in case of any emergency.
  • In case a user has two or more accounts, these can be linked or delinked with the primary account.

In 2019, AGL launched the “MyAGL” app, a customised mobile app that gives real-time information to a wide variety of stakeholders. For employees, this app provides services such as attendance login, sales performance reports, team management, activity management and vendor performance.

MGL Connect

MGL launched its mobile app MGL Connect in 2015 for its PNG and CNG customers. The app is available for download on Android play store free of cost. Keeping in mind the convenience of its customers, MGL Connect has been developed with a host of customer-friendly features. The app has benefits for PNG and CNG customers.

Benefits for PNG users:

  • PNG customers can view their current as well as last three PNG bills, get details of payments made, find locations where payments can be made and also make online payments.
  • They can provide meter readings during the billing cycle by uploading a photo of their meter reading. This would enable the company to process bills on “actual” meter reading during the “assessed” reading cycle.
  • Customers can also log complaints regarding any service-related issue by selecting the category or nature of complaint from the drop-down menu.
  • MGL Connect has been designed to send an automated notification to customers.
  • Keeping in mind the safety of customers and in order to curb fraudulent activities, the app enables customers to verify the employee ID of the meter reader. On doing so, the photograph of the meter reader is displayed on the screen.

Benefits for CNG users:

  • Locating the nearest CNG station becomes easier with this app and it becomes convenient for CNG customers to access all the information pertaining to CNG prices and the amount saved by using CNG over other alternative fuels.
  • The app provides information about CNG kit suppliers, hydro-testing centres and CNG car models as well as tips on CNG vehicle maintenance.

Gujarat Gas

GGL offers a feature-rich mobile application for its PNG and CNG customers with the following functionalities:

Benefits for PNG customers:

  • The app caters to all customer segments including domestic, industrial, commercial and non-commercial.
  • Multiple accounts can be added/linked to a single user id.
  • It has multiple language options.
  • Customers can place new PNG gas connection request.
  • Service request submission with online payment (geyser point, extra kitchen point, and temporary disconnection) and tracking the status of the same.
  • Allows checking of gas bills and download of PDF on mobile phones.
  • Enables anytime payment of gas bills, with “Quick Pay” option without login.
  • Gas bill and payment history available for current financial year and previous financial year.
  • Customer complaints and tracking the status of the same.
  • Provision for submitting meter reading.
  • For immediate dialling, details of location-wise emergency numbers can be found on every page of the mobile app.
  • Information on current gas prices and various other charges is also available.
  • Owner can give access for his/her account to a guest user based on invitation.

Benefits for CNG customers:

  • Station locator helps in locating GGL’s CNG stations on the Google map via multiple options including a list of CNG stations, CNG stations nearby to the current location and CNG stations between the given source and destination using the Enroute option.
  • Saving calculator helps in computing the total savings for switching to CNG as compared to petrol/diesel.
  • CNG complaints and tracking the status of the same.

In sum

CGD players are focusing on improving the quality of services offered to customers. The mobile apps launched by various players provide benefits for both customers and developers by streamlining processes. These will not only improve the utilities’ operational performance but also enhance customer satisfaction.