MoP notifies hydropower purchase obligation

The Ministry of Power (MoP) has issued a revised trajectory of renewable purchase obligation (RPO), including a long-term trajectory for hydropower purchase obligation (HPO). As per the notification, the solar RPO target may be met by solar power projects. Other non-solar RPO (excluding HPO) may be met from any renewable source other than solar and large hydropower projects. The HPO benefits may be met from the power procured from large hydropower projects commissioned on and after March 8, 2019 and up to March 31, 2030, in respect of 70 per cent of the total generated capacity for 12 years from the date of commissioning. Further, free power is to be provided as per the agreement with the state government. The power provided for the local area development fund will not be included within this limit of 70 per cent. In case free power is insufficient to meet HPO obligations, then the state would have to buy additional power to meet its HPO obligation or buy a corresponding amount of hydro energy certificate.