Gujarat-based CGD companies plan to add new CNG station

Gujarat-based city gas distribution (CGD) companies are planning to aggressively add new compressed natural gas (CNG) stations. This expansion is driven by the government’s greater push for the usage of cleaner fuels, the growing adoption of CNG amid surging petrol and diesel prices, and the allotment of new geographical areas for creating CGD networks. Companies such as Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL), Torrent Gas Limited and Sabarmati Gas Limited have chalked out ambitious plans to expand their network of CNG stations in the next fiscal year. In fact, these firms continued to add new stations during the current fiscal year despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. In this fiscal year the state-run GGL has so far commercialised 107 CNG stations across geographies. Now it plans to add over 200 CNG stations in 2021-22 at a capital expenditure (capex) of about Rs 4 billion.