Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port and Hiranandani Group enter into an agreement to build LNG terminal

The Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port (SMP), previously known as Kolkata port, has entered into an agreement with the Mumbai-based Hiranandani Group to build a jetty-based LNG terminal at East Midnapur for storage and regasification of LNG, with a maximum capacity of 5 mtpa. The proposed project entails an investment of around Rs 39 billion, and has an economic value of about Rs 60 billion. It is being executed on 38 acres of land acquired from the Haldia Development Authority. However, the waterfront space comes under the jurisdiction of SMP, Kolkata. The terminal is expected to provide direct employment to about 250 people and indirect employment to 750 people. The project has already obtained environmental clearance, and SMP has given its no-objection certificate on mutually agreed terms and conditions. Apart from the terminal, the project envisages the development of a 125 km long pipeline from Kukrahati to Itinda in Bangladesh and a 225 km long pipeline from Kanaichatta to Shrirampur. Additionally, around 20 liquid to compressed natural gas (LCNG) stations will be commissioned in West Bengal under the project. Once the project is commissioned in July 2024, the LNG can be used as bunker fuel for ships and barges in the Hooghly River, and will also cater to the requirements of West Bengal and nearby states.