MoP to set up national mission on the use of biomass in TPPs

The MoP has decided to set up the National Mission on the Use of Biomass in Coal-based Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) to resolve the problem of air pollution due to farm stubble burning and to reduce the carbon footprint of TPPs. The main objectives of the mission are to increase the level of co-firing from the present 5 per cent, in order to have a larger share of carbon neutral power generation from TPPs; to take up research and development activities for boiler design to handle the higher amount of silica, alkalis in the biomass pellets; to facilitate removing constraints in the supply chain of biomass pellets and agro-residue and its transport to TPPs; and to consider regulatory issues in biomass co-firing. The modalities of the mission are under finalisation. The duration of the mission would be a minimum of five years.