WB authorised Rs 18.25 billion for water supply in Greater Shimla region

The World Bank (WB) has authorised a financial outlay of Rs 18.25 billion for a water supply and sewerage service delivery programme in the Greater Shimla region. The project is expected to be completed by 2026. Of the Rs 18.25 billion, Rs 11.68 billion will be borne by the World Bank and the balance Rs 6.57 billion will be borne by the Himachal Pradesh government. Shimla’s water supply from the Sutlej River will be supplemented by an extra 67 mld under the project, which will fulfil demand until 2050. It will also provide 24-hour water services to all household and commercial customers, as well as better sewerage services in the Shimla Municipality. The World Bank, the Department of Economic Affairs, the central government, and the State Urban Development Department will soon sign an agreement to this end.