Rajasthan government allocates funds to enhance state’s road, water and irrigation projects

The Rajasthan government has allocated funds of over Rs 52 billion for st­rengthening its road network during 2023-24. A budget of around Rs 4.62 billion has been sanctioned for 323 road initiatives, encompassing both urban and rural development and repair works. Various districts, in­clu­ding Barmer, Alwar, Jaipur and Ajmer, have been earmarked for the­se pro­jects. The state government has also sanctioned Rs 622.8 million for various projects related to drinking water supply in Jodhpur. These funds are planned to be used for the replacement of the main pipeline from Ta­khat Sagar to Kudi to facilitate water supply in the Luni area of Jodhpur. Fur­ther, it has approved around Rs 7 billion for streng­thening the canal sy­stem and undertake other related works to upgrade the irrigation infrastr­ucture.